Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Mod Apk for Android

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Mod Apk for Android

The story began in the city of light - the land of Aurora, which was blessed by the gods. This was the land where Luther King built and ruled his kingdom with a strong hand and heart. Shortly after, the royal association called Eyes Oracle was founded to preserve and develop the ancient knowledge, including magic, alchemy, astrology, medicine, etc. Thank you for this knowledge Luther King created a powerful kingdom, as well as one of the finest periods in the history of the Aurora.

However, the tragedy started from the reign of the 15th king Luther. It seemed like a good reason he wanted to bring his beloved dead sister. He studied everything he thought might be helpful: Magic, medicine, even alchemy to create a terrible disease that has been cured by him alone. He took the opportunity to collect the corpses for his evil designs.

Everything seemed to be worse after the explosion in his laboratory. Not only are many strange creatures, but also diseases without cures began to appear more and more while 15 disappeared Luther King left his kingdom in the darkest period in the history of the Aurora.

At that time, there was a man named Max was once a royal knight Luther King 14, (returning from war with external forces. It was one of many experimenters 15. Luther King 20 years after explosion, Max woke up in a strange place with fragmented memories, amazing strength and toughness.

He wanted to find answers to what happened to himself and Aurora. It was when the travel and Max started the legend of '' Shadow of Death '' appeared ...

"Shadow of Death" is the largest combination of role-playing game (RPG) and classic fighting game, which allows you to equip your shadow countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets for an unbeatable hero.

In each epic battle, you become a warrior in the journey to conquer the dark world and you have to collect swords, weapons and impressive armor, etc. to make you stronger and stronger. Be prepared for such an exciting game you can not stop until you are the best fighter and master of sword play.

When the battle begins, each Stickman needs to fight against many dangerous monsters. This battle is so difficult that you have to try your best to win, using multiple skills and speed. Do not forget to avoid physical attacks and magic attacks monsters

The graphics in the shadow of death are inspired by the light and dark, which creates great contrast. In addition, the dramatic effects will make you stunned. Use powerful magic and burn the world of darkness.

Enjoy multiple updates in the best rpg games. Two system you can upgrade to more powerful equipment systems and skills system.
Some monsters are extremely dangerous and you need more powerful weapons than basic.
- Plunge into epic combat sequences, rendered in astonishingly detailed with a realistic animation system new.

- devastate your enemies with delightfully intuitive controls, thanks to a combat interface newly designed specifically for touch screens.

- Travel through 3 different countries full of menacing demons

- two battle modes: Challenge and Adventure

- Customize your shade with epic swords, armor suits, magical powers,
and more.

New in the shadow of version of the dead!
✔️ new global campaign 4 - Grand Marais
✔️ Potion is now limited by the game
✔️ improved control input
✔️ Improved performance
✔️ Bug Fixes

Our development team constantly improves the game to deliver the best mobile entertainment. Thanks for playing and we hope you continue to support future upgrades of the Shadow of Death Mod Apk.

Mega Mod:
unlimited crystals
unlimited souls
unlimited tickets
unlimited boosters
unlimited Exp
Any character Unlocked
All Skill Unlocked

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