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Score Hero Mod Apk

Score! Hero v2.26 + Mod - Ultra Soccer Game "Championship Points" Android + Trailer

Normal Edition + Mod Mode (Unlimited Money & Energy + Remove Ads)

Score Hero Mod Apk is a super-cute and popular football superhero champion from the First Touch Play Studio for Android-powered handsets that builds the familiar Dream League Soccer and First Touch Soccer games.In his brilliant account, the popular games that have downloaded a million downloads from Google Play! The game is designed in a step-by-step manner, where you will be able to browse through new features such as a corner, a free kick, and more than 280 levels! Give it a shot, shoot and play like fabulous players; it's in more than 500 challenging stages of the game, with which you can become a soccer star! The game is fully 3D, allowing you to move freely, penetrate the defensive line of the opponent's team and hold the game with professional strokes in which the ball drops and goes to the corners of the gate! If you are a fan of football games under no circumstances Score! Do not miss the Hero; we've tried to make the initial explanations short and concise and invite you to read more to read the entire game and read it without a doubt you will not miss the game!

Some features of Soccer Score Mod Apk Android Hero:

  • Includes 500 challenging and different levels
  • Winner of prizes, trophies, club change, election of the country's representative ...
  • Having a simple but difficult gameplay to become professional
  • Ability to customize the hero player with a variety of items
  • Connect to Facebook to compete against your closest friends!
  • Full support for Google Play achievements & leader boards
  • Sync your progress on Google Cloud Servers
  • Having stunning 3D graphics with special scenes and animations

Score game ! Hero now in the Play Store has a rating of 4.6 from 5.0 and more than 100 million times by Android users around the world received that we Android version along mode for the first time in your presence Dear users, we introduce you You can first view the images and the trailer, and then if you would like to receive it.

V2.26 version changes:

* Various optimizations + Bug fixes and game problems

Score Hero Mod Apk

Review of Score Hero Mod Apk

You've ever played games like Real Football from Gameloft or the FIFA series on your mobile or tablet, you've enjoyed their top graphics. But football, which is quite similar to the PC or consoles version, is not likely to perform well on small displays and mobile controls. Here is the Score game! The Hero leaves its winner, the game with very good graphics and a new and exciting gameplay, can enjoy the fans of football and have a good experience on mobile devices.

The way the game is simple is simple, just by moving your finger on the screen to determine the direction of the ball. Perhaps at first glance, this mechanism seems so simple and debut, but makers cunningly put on elements that make the same simple gameplay awesome. When a player has a ball, the range that can pass the ball or to the gate is shuffled. In fact, you do not have control over his movement, but you simply specify the direction of the ball. The base of the game is to advance to the goal and place a ball in the gate with a thrilling shot (which, even with the path you draw, can also be a catcher). Although there is almost no freedom to pass, but anyway, depending on the player's position, you can shoot straight into the goal instead of pass and try your chance to score a distance.

Score! The Hero, like most mobile games, is designed in a sequel that will be added to the game by reviewing new features - such as free kick and corners - and, of course, winning the tournament will be even more challenging. Early stages have educational roles and the best path to scoring goals on the ground is determined, but at other higher levels, this guide is not known. Artificial intelligence is a really good game and, in addition to being the main obstacle for you to score goals, other players in the team try to disconnect your pass and do not do it badly.

The most appealing features of Score! Hero can be noted for great players' animations and very good game reporting. When players arrive on the ground or after the flower joy, they easily match the FIFA or PES console versions . And with such a fairly small amount of play, it seemed even unexpected. In the game, you can also make your player and change his looks like hair and beard, which you need to spend a few dollars on. Other interesting things include the front page of newspapers that occasionally appear before and after each match, which shows the progress of your player in an attractive way and give a great variety to the game.

If you own Android devices, there's almost no reason to try this game. Even if you are not a fan of football, Score! Hero also has features that can fill many hours of unemployment.



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